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Science/Math Interest

As part of this application process, scores from standardized testing are needed. We ask that if you have the test scores available, that you complete the information below. If you do not have a copy of the scores please request the information from your child's school and mail it to: Morehouse School of Medicine Attn: MSM STEAM Academy-Educational Outreach and Health Careers Office,720 Westview Drive, SW, Atlanta, GA 30310

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The MSM STEAM Academy is working with young people to increase their interest in science and prepare them for careers in the health professions. As a part of this project, your child will participate in a variety of activities designed to enhance their science skills, teach them about different careers in health and science, and motivate them to pursue a career in the health professions. Please read BOTH the consent/releases below, initial and sign where indicated.

PARENTAL CONSENT and STUDENT ASSENT TO COMPLETE SURVEYS So that we can continue to improve how we teach and prepare our students, we would like to have students complete several surveys. In particular, your child will take surveys that assess the following: (1) their level of self-esteem, (2) their attitude toward science, and (3) their interest in and knowledge about science, health careers, and program impact. Each survey will be taken twice, once at the beginning of the project and once when the project is over. The information that we learn from these surveys will help us design better programs for students who show an interest in health and science. Your child's completion of any survey is totally voluntary. Your child's survey results will be held in confidence and utilized by an evaluation team for purposes of tracking the progress of participating children. Your child's name and any other identifying information will be removed from any broader publication of data from the surveys.

Student Assent
PHOTO, VIDEO, AND ARTWORK RELEASE I give the MSM STEAM Academy permission to use photographs taken of my child and/or work my child has done as a part of the activities of the program. I hereby release the MSM STEAM Academy and anyone acting through the program or the school from any and all claims which I may have by reason of the publication of these photographs. I grant the MSM STEAM Academy all rights, titles, and interest in any of the materials described above.
In our efforts to ensure that the MSM STEAM Academy is successful in impacting the post secondary achievement of the students we serve, we work in collaboration with colleges, universities and other educational agencies that track student enrollment data. This information gives the MSM STEAM Academy an ability to report data, anonymously, about the students that matriculate through our programs and the rate of success the programs have on the ability to retain students in the medical and health professions. *
By signing this application, I certify to the statements and consents contained. The statements herein are true, complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. *

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