External Request to Have an Event at MSM

Please Note: External Event Requests require a 4-week lead time and are subject to the discretion of Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM). MSM reserves the right to refuse event requests and review the program of those approved. Approved events will generally support the mission and vision of MSM.

Please Note: All events are granted 2 hours for prep and 2 hours for break down time. All events will incur a standard 4 hour charge on the front and back end for set-up and break down time for MSM IT/AV, Catering and Facilities.
If yes, you must complete the following questionnaire

Facility Usage Fee for all space discussed: $

Employee Fee (minimum of 4 hours):
o Custodial Services/Maintenance
($21.50/person/hr)                                 $
o Public Safety ($35.00/officer/hr)           $
o AV/IT ($45.00/person/hr)                     $

AV Equipment Fee (if needed):                 $

Parking Fees (if paying in advance):         $
o $5.00/vehicle

Total Fees (due before event):            $
Important Information
Licensee agrees to furnish Morehouse School of Medicine with a policy or certificate of public liability with coverage in an amount as determined by Morehouse School of Medicine. Refreshments CANNOT be served in some facilities.