We can't wait to see you at the 9th Annual Beer, Bands & Bullies celebration at Avondale Bewery on August 10, 2019. Since this is a fundraising event, please be aware that all money paid is considered to be a donation, and cannot be refunded. Thank you for supporting Alabama bullies!

If you plan to order a t-shirt to be mailed, please provide your SHIPPING ADDRESS. Please be aware that T-shirts can be mailed only within the contiguous United States.
Price List:
General Admission Tickets: $10 each
T-shirts Picked up at Event: $20 each
T-shirts Mailed after Event: $24 each
Please enter how many you want to order beside each item.
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IMPORTANT NOTE: You will receive a confirmation page after entering your Paypal or credit card information. Please bring the confirmation page, your Paypal or credit card receipt, or a photo ID with you to the event. Your t-shirts will be available for pickup at Beer, Bands & Bullies. If you do not attend the event, we can mail your t-shirt(s) to you by August 24, 2019 for an additional $4.00 fee per t-shirt. We will contact you after the event to arrange delivery.
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