New date
Due to COVID 19 situation
Deadline for paper submission - August 9, 2020
Rok za slanje radova - 09. avgust 2020. godine

I'll participate at the Conference / Učestvovaću na konferenciji: *
Presentation / Vrsta prezentacije *
Participants are invited to submit an abstract, with title, names of authors and affiliation included, of no more than half
page. For plenary and invited lectures 1 page is allowed. Authors should use the following file types: MS WORD 2007 and
older (*.docx; *.doc), or Rich Text Format (*.rtf). The paper size of the abstract should be 21 x 29.7 cm (A4) with a margin of 2
cm on the left and 6 cm at the right and 2 cm on the top and 8.0 cm at the bottom. The abstract should be formatted using
Times New Roman font throughout and single-spaced lines.
File name: Last name of the first author-two first words of the title_KI
(for example: Popic-Asymmetric transfer_KI - download template ).
Title: 11 pts, bold, centered not all caps (for example, Mechanism of stereoselective...)
Empty space: 10 pts.
Author names: 10 pts, centered, not all caps; use first names, initials (optional) and last name;
one author must be underlined as the author who will present the paper
(for example: Milena M. Milenković
Affiliation: 10 pts, italic, centered; put all authors' addresses delineated by asterisk (*) against each name,
, Petar Petrović*, ...);
for example: Tehnološko-metalurški fakultet, Beograd, *IHTM-CEH, Njegoševa 12, Beograd
Empty space: 10 pts.
Abstract text: 10 pts, justified (maximum half of the page including Title, Authors names and Affiliatio

I would like to share room with / Sobu želim da delim sa
Each person should make separate reservation! / Svaka osoba mora izvršiti posebnu rezervaciju!
 Full Name / Ime i prezime

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