DESTIHL Contract Brewing Inquiry Form

Thank you for considering DESTIHL Brewery for your contract brewing needs. We are eager to learn more about your company and brewing needs. Please note that due to increasing industry demands, we work exclusively with established, TTB-licensed breweries and beverage businesses to help them scale-up and package existing products. If this describes your company's needs, then please complete and submit this form. Unfortunately, we are not able to contract brew for start-up companies at this time. 




State your preferred timeline for when you would want contracted production to begin? (Kindly be realistic in your expectation).
Please list the brand(s) you wish to have produced under contract, the style/description, and the TTB-COLA number, if any:
For each brand(s) listed above, please state your current annual production volume, and forecasted annual production volume needed for the first year under contract: 


Please check the boxes below for your desired packaging formats:
Kegs: *
*Note: Additional warehousing fees and limitations may apply for non-Microstar customers.
Can Packaging: *
Please check which of the following generic packaging materials you need us to supply: *
Please check which of the following custom packaging materials you will supply: *


Once we receive all of the information requested above, we can then determine the feasibility, qualifications, logistics, timing, and scope of the project and decide whether or not it is something we can take on before we proceed with an NDA or other next steps for quoting pricing or providing proposed contract terms.  Regardless of whether or not we can be of assistance to you, thank you for your interest in working with DESTIHL Brewery for your contract brewing needs.