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Welcome to Steamboat II Utility Bill Auto-Pay Registration
Registering below will automatically pay your utility bill in full each month using the source you indicate. Please do not choose the "Credit Card" option if you are using a Debit Card.  Although your payment will process correctly with a debit card, for cost efficiency purposes, please choose and register using the "Auto Bank Withdrawal" option instead of using your debit card.
The only truly automated utility billing online payment system available.  This one time registration will insure your utility bill will be paid automatically and on-time each billing period.  Simply register once and never worry about logging in, entering an incorrect payment amount, or missing a due date again.

Please Verify the Name & Address of the UTILITY COMPANY you wish to pay (as represented on your utility bill)

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About WMTC's Utility Billing Payment Service

The WMTC utility billing payment option works for YOU, the utility billing customer - not the utility company and not a bank. As a result, WMTC provides you with many services banks and other online payment services simply can't. Benefits of registering for this service include the following:

-   IT'S SAFE: Your private payment information can NOT be stolen from our processes or databases.  The reason is simple.  WE DON'T STORE OR KEEP YOUR PRIVATE FINANCIAL INFORMATION. As soon as you are set up for auto-payment, your info is permanently deleted from our systems.
-  BILLING INTEGRATION & ACCURACY: WMTC's utility bill payment process integrates directly into your utility company's billing software. As as result, you never have to remember to "sign on" to pay your bill online.  The EXACT amount of your balance is retrieved directly from the utility company and will be paid automatically FOR YOU each month. No time or effort on your behalf is required.
- QUICK COMMUNICATION FACILITIES: WMTC will e-mail (or text your phone if you wish), anytime anything occurs with your account and/or your utility bill payment.  Payments, billing validation issues, card expiration, card declinations, funding source changes, etc.  are all immediately and accurately communicated with you by secure and electronic means.  No items that may contribute to identity theft are EVER communicated electronically or verbally.  Our call center is available to answer any questions you may wish to speak to someone about.  All calls are answered by REAL PEOPLE, not automated answering machines.  If we can not speak to you immediately, we will call you back no more than 60 minutes after receiving your call.
ACH / CREDIT CARD ALERTS:  We will notify you if any problems with your payment source arise.  We'll even alert you if your card expiration date is near. Most importantly, these alerts occur BEFORE any payment problems can occur, saving late and/or administrative fees.
CONSUMER ADVOCACY: WMTC payment processing includes validation of your utility bill. If this validation process indicates a problem of any kind with your utility bill, we will contact the utility company on your behalf to identify and resolve the problem BEFORE the bill is paid.  As your utility has voluntarily partnered with WMTC to utilize these services, NO LATE FEES will ever be applied while a billing issue is being resolved on your behalf.  Once resolved an e-mail will be immediately sent to inform you of any problem encountered and how it was resolved. 
- IT'S GREEN: WMTC's payment process is fully automatic with no paper or other natural resources involved.  Since your billing information will be on your payment confirmation e-mail, you can even request that your utility not print out a paper bill for you, saving even more environmental resources.

IMPORTANT NOTES - PLEASE READ: Unless you request your utility to stop sending you a paper billing, you will continue to receive your utility bill as normal. Your "auto-pay" account becomes live 5 days before your next due date.  If you register (or cancel services) less than 5 days before your current bill is due, your auto-payment will not begin (or end) until your NEXT billing.  If you register more than 5 days before your current bill's due date,  when you press "Submit" below, the amount you currently owe may be paid immediately from the payment source you indicated above.  A 5.4% processing fee (5.4 cents per dollar) will be added to your utility bill for this service. If you wish to cancel your auto-payment simply call 1-800-318-5394 or e-mail to do so.  This phone number and e-mail address will also be displayed on all payment confirmation e-mails you receive. Your utility billing auto-pay will then be canceled immediately at no cost to you. De-authorizations NOT done in this manner carry a 10% Administration fee per transaction. White Mountain Technology reserves the right to refuse payment services to any applicant.
By Clicking the "Submit" button below you Agree to register for Utility Billing Auto-Pay per your instructions entered above (Thank You!!)