STOP! Please read the following information before starting.

By completing all of the following forms, you are registering for a spot at your state's cheerleading tryout. Please make sure you are aware of your state's tryout date. You MUST bring a copy of your school physical form (on file at your school) to the tryout.

The following set of forms includes liability waivers, release forms, and a medical information form in addition to the application. To avoid losing progress, please make sure this information is on hand when you begin. If you are a minor (under 18), some of these forms require parent/guardian signature.



Which state is your high school located in? *


Indicate the stunt position you are applying for on the squad: *


Do you have conflicts with the time commitment and obligations for the Border Bowl VI season as outlined in the pre-application information (family weddings, travel, work commitments)? *
I understand that if I am selected as a Border Bowl VI Cheerleader, I will be required to sign an agreement in regards to practice schedule, good academic/character standing with school, attitude and commitment to the program. Failure to complete and comply with this agreement will result in forfeiting team membership. *
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