Select what you desire most from this challenge: (does not apply if your are doing an one on one)
Are you willing to buy equipment that I may include into the program (Jump rope and or Bands) *
Pick three you hope to gain from this challenge/ personal one on one: *
We will be having weekly check-ins on zoom, please mark the day you prefer to meet (the majority vote will win and this only applies to you if you are doing one of my challenges not my one on one):
Are you religious? If so can I include prayer or verses within your daily motivation text I will send you? *
If you are one of the top two people with the best and most results what would you like your prize to be? (*This does not apply to you if you are doing a one on one with me*)  *
If I held a live zoom workout for one of the days of the challenge, would you join? and is that something that you would enjoy? *
I require social media post (instagram stories, videos, photos/ post) that I ask you to do:. you must post twice a week for the next however days or months you work with me. Failure to do so will lead to termination of the challenge or personal training: No refunds as well.  Check below that you understand.  *
If you miss more than 2 check ins for the challenges I will have to kick you out of the challenge. If you miss more than 3 check ins for personal one on ones I will have to stop our training together. You will not receive a refund. My time is important and I ask for you to respect it. Check below that you understand *
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