Job Satisfaction Assessment

Is the Grass Greener on the Other Side?

by Kerry Schortzman


Has your current employer delivered on what was promised to you during your interview and performance evaluation process?

Many applicants make employment decisions based on their initial interaction and communication with their employer during the interview process.  However, not all employers follow through on what was promised in their employment offer or interview process.  Below are some things you may want to consider:

  • During your interview and offer acceptance, did you take notes on what the position would entail, the salary they were offering or when performance evaluations would occur?
  • If so, did your current employer deliver on those promises?
  • Did they do what they said they were going to do?
  • Do you receive consistent feedback, timely reviews, and adequate promotions based on your work performance?
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Do you feel valued and recognized for your accomplishments?

It is important for employees to feel valued in their current role.  Many people desire to know they are making a difference and appreciate being recognized for their accomplishments.

  • Do you feel you are valued and recognized for what you have accomplished while employed at your current job?
  • If you were a team member of a large project, were your accomplishments recognized both as a group and as an individual?
  • Does management trust you to make decisions on your own or do you feel micromanaged?
  • Do you feel you are meeting and achieving your personal & professional goals as well as your company’s goals within your current position?
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Does your current employer allow and encourage feedback at all levels?

When reviewing an employee survey for a non-profit, one of the lowest scores received was that the employee’s voices were not heard.  Most other areas were high; however, if this continues with no resolution, many employees may not feel valued or feel the desire to continue contributing to the organization.

  • Do you feel your current employer not only hears your voice but also encourages you to provide feedback at all levels?
  • Are you invited and encouraged to provide insight and your own expertise to a project, task or brainstorming session?
  • Do you receive consistent formal or informal feedback on your work?
  • Do colleagues and management treat you with respect and value your opinion?
  • Do you feel you are truly making a difference and doing something you enjoy in the process?
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Does your current employer have visibility in the marketplace and are they a leader in their industry?

Many employees are very involved in their community and desire to work for a company that has a strong reputation and presence in their city.  Another area that is important to employees is whether their employer is a leader in their industry as well as if they can personally support the product or service provided to their clients and/or customers.

  • Does your current employer participate in local trade associations?
  • Do they encourage you to volunteer or serve as committee chairs, provide research, author or speak on topics within your community?
  • Is your organization well represented at local functions and events?
  • Do they have a positive reputation within your local community?
  • Do they implement cutting edge technology or are they constantly behind the pack?
  • Do they promote innovation and new ideas or are they still catching up to other leaders in your industry?
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Would you consider yourself a successful, happy, engaged employee?

Believe it or not, many people would prefer to be paid less and do a job they enjoy than to be paid more to do a job they do not enjoy. Employees are often more successful when they are engaged and challenged in their work environment.

  • Do you currently feel challenged in your work environment?
  • There may be some projects or tasks that do not always excite you; but overall, do you feel engaged in your current projects?
  • Are you using your skillset to the maximum potential within your current job responsibilities?
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Do you currently have several satisfied clients?

Most people desire their clients or customers to be satisfied with their work.  It is important that employees feel the organization they are working for has a very positive reputation and several satisfied clients willing to provide referrals.

  • Are your clients, or those who you serve, satisfied with the outcome of the work you provide or that your organization provides to them?
  • When networking with other organizations in the community, does your organization have a positive reputation?
  • Would you recommend your organization to those who are looking for employment or for experts in your industry?
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Does your current employer allow you to use all of your talents and skills?

Contrary to popular belief, many employees are in positions that underutilize their talents, abilities and skillsets. Unfortunately, this can leave employees with a feeling of discontentment and sense of unfulfillment.

  • Do you feel your current employer is effectively utilizing your talents, abilities and current skillset?
  • Do you feel challenged in your work responsibilities?
  • Do you feel management clearly understands your individual strengths and abilities and assigns work accordingly?
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Are you provided with ongoing training and development opportunities?

Without the ability to continue to pursue training and development, your career can become stagnant.  Many employees enjoy working for companies who promote and encourage ongoing training and development. 

  • Do you feel your current employer invests in your training and development?
  • Do they provide lunch-n-learn opportunities, software training, certification training, professional development courses or motivational speakers?
  • Do they encourage you to develop new skills and abilities?
  • Specifically, do they promote you to obtain licensure, if required, and pursue further education in your field of expertise?
  • Do you feel your current employer is effectively utilizing your talents, abilities and current skillset?
  • Do you feel you are being set up for long-term success in your position?
  • Are you continuously improving or has your career growth become stagnant?
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