Additional Forgiven Time Request

Please do not submit another request for the State of Emergency days if you have already requested additional forgiven time. 
Use this form to request up to 3 additional days of forgiven time.
If you have not requested additional forgiven time and need to submit a request to have the days cancelled during the State of Emergency approved, please use this form. If you are only requesting approval for days during the State of Emergency (for example, your district cancelled 6 days, two of those being during the State of Emergency, and you do not need additional forgiven time), please check zero for days of forgiven time being requested.
We are tracking requests for districts who have had cancellations during the State of Emergency declared by the Governor. A second request is NOT necessary and will not be processed. 
Please check this page for more information and dates and times for Q&A webinars to answer your questions about forgiven time:,4615,7-140--497439--,00.html.
Thank you!