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2023-2024 Travel Waiver

Travel Time Waiver

[MCL 388.1701(7)]

Section 101(7)(d) of the State School Aid Act allows districts to count up to three (3) hours of travel time per school week toward the required minimum number of hours of pupil instruction, for students in grades 9 to 12 who are enrolled in a cooperative education program, or for students enrolled in a special education program, which requires travel between instructional sites during the school day. Districts that need to count three hours of travel time or less per week in order to reach the 1,098 hour requirement do not require a waiver from the Department for additional time.

However, if a district demonstrates to the Department's satisfaction that the travel time limitation under this subdivision would create undue costs or hardship to the district and/or that participation in the program is in the best educational interest of the pupil, the Department may consider more travel time as pupil instruction time for this purpose.


  1. Complete the district and contact information section.
  2. Enter the information for each program that needs a travel time waiver. 
  3. Submit a map showing travel time and distance between the district and each cooperative or special education program.
  4. Verify that the district will be able to provide to their Pupil Membership Auditor calculations for pupils who travel for a cooperative or special education program, upon request.

Please allow 10 business days for processing. During high volume times, processing may take longer. You will be notified when the waiver has been processed.

For assistance or questions, contact Jessica Beagle at

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Review Example Before Proceeding

This example will show you what is looked for when making a determination for travel time. The example demonstrates accurately calculating days, hours, and travel time. Please review prior to proceeding:
Travel Waiver Calculation Examples

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