Rescue Road Trip Foster Partner

We will be actively marketing your foster horse to potential adopters. In order to do this we MUST have current photos of the horse from pleasing angles, demonstrating marketable skills that will appeal to potential adopters. We will require fosters helping with this project to send at least one photo every two weeks. We also need fosters to provide us with narratives about the horse's personality, progress, challenges, etc. so that we can share that information with potential adopters. Can you do this? *
The primary goal of the Rescue Road Trip project is to help adoptable horses find new homes. As a partner with us on this project you must be invested in this same goal. That means that you will need to help the horse develop or maintain skills that make them appealing to adopters. You also may be asked to host potential adopters at your facility to meet and greet the adoptable horse. Do you agree to actively participate in the process of finding an adopter for your foster horse? *
Anyone handling, meeting or training this horse must sign one of our riding/handling waivers. Do you agree to make certain this requirement is met? (We will provide the forms to you. They can be submitted to us via email or regular mail) *
Given the costs associated with hauling long distances we must be able to count on you to commit to fostering this horse long term. If you would need to return the horse to the rescue before the horse is adopted we would need a minimum of 30 days notice to make arrangements for hauling and to find a new foster. Do you agree to follow this guidance. *
The horse you will be fostering will remain the property of West Virginia Horse Network. That means that you may not transfer, sell or otherwise relocate or reassign this horse without our permission. While we strongly encourage you to help market the horse in your community, anyone that you find who may be interested in adopting the horse MUST complete an adoption application, go through the screening process and be approved by our board of directors to adopt. Decisions about adoption will remain entirely at the discretion of our board of directors. However, if you know the applicants well and believe them to be a fantastic match we will weigh your recommendation strongly in the decision making. Do you understand and agree to the rules outlined here? *

Thank you for completing the application. A volunteer will call you soon with follow up questions and to make arrangements to get a foster horse to you. We hope that you will find this activity rewarding and fulfilling. If you have any additional questions for us please send us an email at

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