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Requested grade *
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Mailing address in home country


The student will live with *
If the student will be living with a primary caregiver other than a direct parent while attending school, please provide contact information below. 


Does the parent or homeschool family attend a church? *
Does your child have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), Learning Plan or Behaviour Plan? If yes please attach a copy on the next page under Attachments. *
Has your child been involved with Learning Assistance or Enrichment? If yes, in what areas? *
Has your child ever repeated a grade, been retained, or been suspended? If yes, please explain. *


Please check below if your child has any conditions that may require emergency medical treatment. We will require you to complete a medical release form from the school office so that we may add a medical alert to your child’s Permanent Record card.
Does your child have an Epi-pen? *
If your child has an Epi-pen, please complete the Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan form. This can be done after acceptance. 
Does your child regularly take medication on a long-term basis? If yes please indicate the name, dosage, and reason (medical condition) for taking the  medication *

If your child takes medication regularly on a long-term basis you will need to complete this “Medical Condition/Medication Authorization Form." This can be done after acceptance. 

Does your child have asthma? *
If yes, does your child require an inhaler?
Please check any of the following services that your child may have received. If any, please attach a copy of pertaining reports on the next page under Attachments.


In the event of an emergency and we cannot reach a parent, please provide name and contact information of someone who has authorization to pick up your child. 


Field Trip Consent
I have read the school's Acknowledgement of Risk form (link above) and consent to having my child participate in low risk day trips. *
Photograph Publishing Consent
Throughout the school year photographs are taken of various student activities. I consent to have the student’s picture published in the school newsletter, publications or on our website. The school only publishes first names of students. *
Protecting Your Personal Information
Surrey Christian School collects and uses personal information for the sole purpose of maintaining accurate student records in the administrative offices, and to respond immediately to an emergency. SCS commits to using and storing this information responsibly and will not release this information to a third party without your verbal or written consent unless permitted under the PIPA (Personal Information Privacy Act) legislation. If you have questions about SCS’s use, storage or disclosure of personal information, please contact our privacy officer. I consent to having SCS collect, use and disclose this personal information as outlined above. *
I consent to the school office providing my email and phone number to other classroom parents for the purposes of play dates, birthday party invitations etc. *



Application Fee (non-refundable) due with application — $400.00. Pay online here

Tuition Fee $20,000 (Kindergarten to grade 2); $20,580 (grade 3-12). Includes BC MSP medical coverage, ELL support, and international coordinator support services

Activity Fees for grade 8-12 only $500. Does not include overnight trips

Settlement Services — $1,500 
- Provide custodian letter
- Screening and selection of homestay family
- Communication with parents before and upon arrival
- Purchase medical insurance
- Assistance in purchase of cell phone & phone card
- Assist in finding medical clinics and community services
- Initial homestay visit by the homestay coordinator followed by quarterly reviews
- Communication with parents in native language re: student's quarterly progress
- Continuous review of student's adjustment and homestay living condition
- Special Canadian birthday celebration for the student
- Special invitation letters for the parents visit to Canada   

Homestay Fees — $13,000 (September-June), includes school bus transportation if required.

Extended Health Coverage (dental, travel, prescription drugs etc.) — $800


PAYMENT OPTIONS include cheque, bank draft or wire transfer. 



In the event that a student authorization cannot be obtained, or the student decides not to attend or withdraws from the school, or if a student is asked to leave due to undisclosed and profound behaviour or learning needs, the following refund policy will apply:

Full refund of fees will be given only if the student visa is not approved. An original copy of rejection letter from the embassy is required. If the student withdraws, or if a student is asked to leave due to undisclosed and profound behaviour or learning needs, within 30 days of the start of class, 50% of the tuition fee is refundable. No refunds if the student withdraws or is asked to leave due to undisclosed and profound behaviour or learning needs, 30 days or more after the start of class.


Our school provides school bus service when and where possible. The bus system is operated by a separate organization which aims to accommodate all requests from families for bus service. However, we cannot guarantee that a school bus will be available in your area on a route that meets your needs. Your child may need to be driven to a stop closest to your home on an existing route.
The student will require school bus transportation *
If yes
I understand and acknowledge that the school must receive notice of school bus cancellation by Sept. 30. After Sept. 30 I will be charged for the full year regardless of whether we are using the service. (If your child is not registered to take the bus please click Yes anyway to indicate you understand the policy should you decide to use bus service later.)* *
Click here to view the school bus fees for the 2023-24 school year. 


I understand and agree with the mission, vision and core values of the school and indicate that I enroll my child because of my desire that my child receives a Christ-centered education. *
If my child is accepted by the school, I agree to support the policies of the school board and will submit to the authority invested by the board in the superintendent, principals and classroom teachers. *
I agree to attend the “New Parent Orientation” session and other pertinent meetings and events. *
I agree to provide a healthy study environment at home and understand that the Canadian school system expects students to receive 7-8 hours of sleep at night. *
I understand that the school reserves the right to dismiss any student who does not respect the standards of the school as outlined in the Student Handbook or co-operate in the educational process. *
I agree to submit the following fees within two weeks after the time of acceptance: Tuition, Settlement Services, Activity Fees (grades 8-12). *
I understand and acknowledge that the school must receive notice of school bus cancellation by Sept. 30. After Sept. 30 I will be charged for the full year regardless of whether we are using the service. *
I am aware of the computer and internet usage guidelines for students at the grade 7-12 level and understand that my child’s violation of these guidelines will be cause for removing his/her internet usage privileges and may result in disciplinary action. The guidelines can be found on page 29 in the Student Handbook posted on our website at the bottom of our Admissions page. *
I will inform the school if my child’s address changes during the school year, or if their guardian or homestay information changes. *