Surrey Christian School | Educating for Wholeness
Dear Preschool/Daycare Provider:
Thank you for taking a few moments to help us capture a clear picture of this child as they have applied to kindergarten at Surrey Christian School. We would deeply appreciate you completing the following questions and providing as much information as you can to help us gain an understanding of this child’s learning profile.
Writing: willingness to colour or draw *
Social Habits: sharing, taking turns, thinking of others *
Group Socialization: playing in groups at preschool/daycare *
Follows rules during a structured activity (waits turn, listens to adult etc.) *
Copes with disappointment and not getting his/her own way. *
Can follow simple directions. *
Are there any outside agencies involved with this child's education and development? If yes please provide details. *
Is the child toilet trained? *
If concerns were noted above, has a conversation addressing those concerns occurred with the parents and, if applicable, were next steps discussed? *
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