ATTN Caretakers:
Before you can borrow traps, the colony needs to be registered in the Neighborhood Cats' NYC Cat Stats database.
If the colony is not already registered, register here
Please complete this form below to request equipment. 
Thank you!!!

Neighborhood Cats - Equipment Request

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Trap Bank Hours: Brooklyn: By appt only Saturdays preferred. Staten Island: Saturday 10am-Noon or by appointment Mon-Thurs 7-9pm.


Information regarding the project


Colony must be registered to borrow equipment

Refundable Security Deposit Information and other important info

Security Deposit Required
Please bring a deposit for the traps in the form of a check or money order payable to Neighborhood Cats.

Deposit amounts are:

1-10 traps, 1 set dividers - $100.00

11-20 traps, 1 set dividers - $200.00

21-30 traps, 1 set dividers - $300.00

additional sets of dividers - $25.00 per set

drop trap - $100 ea.

tables - $25 ea.

crates (large cages for long-term care) - $100 ea.

transfer cages - $50 ea.

Equipment will be inspected upon return - the check will be returned to you when all traps/trap mats, dividers and/or other equipment are returned clean and in good working condition. If the equipment is not returned or returned dirty or not in working order you will have to pay for replacement equipment.

Equipment Transportation
An average-sized four-door sedan fits 4 to 6 traps at most. SUV/Escalade can fit 12. Please coordinate the appropriate size/number of vehicles to make one trip and arrive during Saturday trap bank hours. Please arrive at your appointment time.
all equipment property and courtesy of Neighborhood Cats