Second Saturday Laser Rock Concert | December 2022

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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 13, 2022 - 11:00AM
MOAS Member Only - VIRTUAL Coffee with a Curator | The World's Largest Tylosaurus with Frank Garcia

Grab your coffee and join nationally and internationally recognized paleontologist and Florida native, Frank Garcia virtually on ZOOM for a discussion on his fossil hunting career and discoveries. In 1979, Garcia worked as chief investigator for the Smithsonian Institution, collecting prehistoric sea cows, whales, and dolphins. During his fossil hunting career in Florida, Garcia discovered more than 30 previously unknown species of prehistoric creatures. After retiring to South Dakota 10 years ago he discovered one of the world’s largest aquatic carnivorous reptiles, a nearly complete Tylosaurus. Learn about Frank’s amazing career in Florida and the Badlands of South Dakota where he recently opened his own Museum in Hot Springs called The World Fossil Finder Museum.
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