LTEF scholarships are for graduating seniors of Lake Travis High School.

DUE DATE: Friday, March 15, 2019

The LTEF scholarship package involves three steps:

1) Visit the counseling office to request a copy of your 7-semester transcript, and pick it up in time to submit with your reference letters.  (Transcripts issued prior to the end of the 7th semester will not qualify your application for further review.)

2) 03/15/19 - no later than 3:30 pm: Two hand-signed letters of professional reference (non-relatives) must be delivered to the high school counselor's office.  It is the student's responsibility to be sure that letters arrive in time, whether delivered by the student or by the person writing the letter.  In addition, if you did not have your SAT/ACT scores submitted to LTHS, please drop off a copy of your test scores in the collection box with your reference letters.

3) 03/15/19 - no later than 12:00 MIDNIGHT: Complete online application and submit by midnight. There will be no exceptions.

Scholarship Funds

Check only those for which you meet the criteria:
NOTE: Some named scholarship funds may not be awarded if adequate funding is not available in a given year.  Additionally, if applicants do not meet the established guidelines, funds may be held over to future award years.

Applicant Information

Schools Attended


List schools to which you are applying in order of preference, and note whether you've been accepted.

Please fill in areas below with all pertinent information that you want the committee to review.  No "resumes" or other information will be distributed to the scholarship committee.

Submission Instructions

STEP 1: Request Transcript and Deliver with Recommendation Letters to Collection Box in Counselor's Office
A copy of your 7-semester transcript and two signed letters of "professional" reference (i.e., teachers, counselors, pastors, employers) are required as part of the application. Reference letters from relatives do not qualify. Please submit your "two best" letters - we will not copy more than two reference letters for committee review.  Gather the materials and deliver them to the collection box in the school counselor's office no later than 3:30pm on the deadline date. Please be sure that your name appears at the top of each reference letter. (Do NOT drop off your application; applications must be submitted online using this form.)

STEP 2: Submit Application
Submit your online application form by using the button that follows. All forms must be submitted online no later than 12:00 MIDNIGHT on the night of the deadline. This form will automatically close, and late applications cannot be accepted.

STEP 3: Wait for Interview Notice
You will be notified during the week of March 25, 2019 if you have qualified for an interview.

Your online application form must be submitted and transcript plus signed reference letters delivered by the deadlines set. It is the student's responsibility to be sure that recommendation letters are received by the deadline, whether delivered by the student or the person writing the recommendation.  To be fair to all applicants, we must adhere to this policy. No allowances will be given for "computer problems," so we encourage you to not wait until the last minute. Apply early!

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