Wasatch Figure Skating Club – Learn to Skate (Weber County Sports Complex)

2022 Halloween (Fall) Exhibition 

Date: Saturday, October 29th, 2022, 6:30 p.m.

Cost: $30

Rehearsals: Wednesdays 4:30 - 5:00 September 28 - October 26

Signing up/Due Date: Complete the requested information below and submit on or before Tuesday September 27

Payment: Pay online through Paypal, Turn in your payment (Cash or Check - Checks made out to WFSC) to Coach Letitia Ahrensback during Learn to Skate (you can bring it with you the first night of rehearsals as long as you have already registered online) or Venmo payment to her @Letitia-Ahrensback be sure to put WFSC Halloween Exhibition with your skater’s name in the notes. You can text Letitia Ahrensback for assistance or with any questions you have about the show at 801-309-5817 or email her at skatewithtish@live.com  

Skater requirements: Skaters must be able to skate to the middle of the ice unassisted, with the group (without a coach) and be able to stay with the group of skaters during the performance. Note: There will not be a coach on the ice with skaters during the performance.  

Rehearsals dates:           

Wednesday September 28 4:30 – 5:00  

Wednesday October 5 4:30 – 5:00  

Wednesday October 12 4:30 – 5:00    

Wednesday October 19 4:30 – 5:00  

Wednesday October 26 4:30 – 5:00     

Attendance is important for skaters to learn their program in the short rehearsal time that we have. Skaters may not miss more than one rehearsal, or they will not be able to perform. Please inform Coach Letitia if you will be missing. Please plan to arrive at the rink by 4:15 skaters are expected to have skates on and be on the ice ready to go at 4:30 so we can start our full 30 min rehearsal.  

Groups: During the Halloween Exhibition all ages and levels will be together in one group. Snowplow - Basic 6.

Costumes: Skaters will be responsible for their own costumes. To keeps things simple costumes will be a halloween costume of choice. Must be able to skate safely in (no masks that will obstruct vision). 

US Figure Skating/Safesport: The Wasatch Figure Skating Club Halloween Exhibition is a US Figure Skating sanctioned event and will follow all event rules required by US Figure Skating and safesport. For more information visit www.usfigureskating.org

Payment Method ($30.00) *
PARTICIPANT AGREEMENT I do hereby give my permission for my child/skater (participant as named above) to participate in the WFSC 2022 Halloween Exhibition. I have read through and agree to the terms of this agreement and have been given every opportunity to ask questions though either email or text. I understand that my failure to follow these guidelines may result in my child/skater not participating the WFSC 2022 Halloween Exhibition.
Parent Signature for Skater Participation *
MEDIA RELEASE This release is for photographs, video and interviews that may be released, shown, and printed to various media before, during and after the ice show. *
Parent Signature for Skater Participation *


I (Parent or Guardian) understand that figure skating can be a challenging and dangerous sport and certify that my child is in reasonable health and that I will not hold the Wasatch Figure Skating Club responsible for any injury that my child may incur while participating in, or volunteering at or otherwise engaged in figure skating.

I also understand that I will not hold liable any member of the Wasatch Figure Skating Club, including its Board of Directors, for any injury incurred while engaged in figure skating.

I will uphold the US Figure Skating Code of Conduct and be respectful to parents, coaches, rink staff and other skaters.

I understand that if I feel I need to make a claim against a member of the Wasatch Figure Skating Club for an incident that has occurred at a US Figure Skating Sanctioned event, including shows, test sessions, and competitions, the Weber County Sports Complex, or at any Wasatch Figure Skating Club sponsored activity, I need to write and sign a formal complaint addressed to the Executive Board Members so that the US Figure Skating Code of Conduct, USFSAA GR 1.02 may be enforced. I understand the difference between the Wasatch Figure Skating Club and Weber County Sports Complex sponsored activities but recognize that Wasatch Figure Skating Club members represent US Figure Skating at all times. I also understand that I am entitled to discuss the complaint with the presence of one or more Executive Board members in confidentiality, but I may not discuss the complaint with anyone who is not directly involved with the situation. I also understand that gossiping and telling untrue things about the Wasatch Figure Skating Club members will lead to my dismissal from and forfeit of fund paid to the Wasatch Figure Skating Club and I will be reported to the US Figure Skating as a member not in good standing, which jeopardizes my continued eligibility and participation at all levels of figure skating.

Parent Signature for Skater Participation *
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Submission of this online form is an agreement that the skater and parent have both read the entire application and will follow ice show guidelines. Both the skater and parent will do what they can to make this the best experience for everybody involved. Please fill out and submit as soon as possible - Due by Sept 27th

This form is required for participation in the show.  
Questions about this show, future shows or about the Wasatch Figure Skating Club Email Coach Letitia Ahrensback or Text at 801-309-5817. You can also check out www.wasatchfigureskating.org