St. Helen School Registration Form 2021-2022

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Tuition Rates


Parishioner Tuition Rates

Number of Children


Twelve Monthly Payments











Non-Parishioner Tuition Rates

Number of Children


Twelve Monthly Payments











- Families with more than three children are charged the tuition rate for three children

- Registration fee of $175 is due at the time of registration per child (maximum of $525 for families of three or more children)

- Registration fee is non-refundable


Tuition Payment Plans

Plan 1 – Payment in full due before June 15, 2021 (2% discount when paid in full)

Plan 2 – Payment in twelve monthly payments beginning July 2021 through June 2022


Tuition Payment Options

1. Tuition can be paid with cash

2. Tuition can be paid by check (made out to St. Helen Church)

3. Tuition can be paid by credit card or directly from your bank account via Our Sunday Visitor Online payment system at


Tuition Assistance Options

Families can apply for financial assistance through the Ohio EdChoice Expansion Scholarship Program (based on Federal Poverty Guidelines), diocesan tuition assistance and scholarships, and parish support through our Angel Fund. Some of these options are time sensitive so please make note of dates. If you have any questions or concerns about tuition assistance options, please contact the school office at 440-564-7125. If you have any questions or concerns regarding tuition payments, please contact the Susan Kuchenbecker at the parish office at 440-564-5805 or by email at

Please indicate your parishioner/non-parishioner status to determine cost of tuition. *
Once you hit "submit," Father Jay and/or Mr. Gannon will notified. They will reach out to you shortly to schedule an appointment.
Thank you and God bless. 
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