Aftercare Program Registration Form 2020-2021

Due to COVID-19, there will be a restriction on the number of students who can attend Aftercare each day. Families who need to use Aftercare will be required to register their child(ren). 

Program Information

St. Helen School will provide an after-school program for students that is safe, convenient, and affordable. The program includes snack and homework time, games, movies, arts & crafts, and outside activities (weather permitting). A light snack and beverage will be provided each day. Please notify the Aftercare Director if your child(ren) has any food allergies. 

Calendar and Time

Aftercare runs from 2:20 pm to 5:30 pm each day that school is in session. Aftercare will be available all days we are in school. It will be held in the former Second Grade classroom.


Mrs. Beth Wolfram, Aftercare Director


All students expecting to use this aftercare program at any time during the school year must complete this form. If you choose not to register now but find a need for this service later in the year, please complete this form prior to using this program.


There is a $25.00 Registration Fee per child. Please make registration fee payments to "St. Helen School." This registration fee is used to supply food and drinks for the children. Families will be charged $5.00 per hour per child. There will be a double time charge of $10.00 per hour for any child(ren) who remains after 5:30pm. Invoices will be sent home with students the first week of the month with payments due on the 15th of the month. Please make monthly invoice payments payable to "St. Helen Church." All payments may be brought to Aftercare or to the school office. Please do not include these payments in the same check with tuition or other payments. 

Pick Up Policy

Parents/guardians should park in the Church parking lot (north side of the building). Please approach the ramp that has a sign that says, "Aftercare Pick-Up." Then, knock on the door. There is a window on this door for identification purposes. Please wait outside while the Aftercare Director signs your child out on the form provided. Children must be picked up by a parent or guardian that is indicated below. Child(ren) will not be released to anyone, but adults indicated below. If a child who usually attends the program is not coming on a day, or an adult not listed on this form will be picking up, please send a note to the office that morning.

Safety and Discipline

Aftercare will follow all school rules. Especially during these times, students will need to pay attention to and follow, the Aftercare Director's instructions. Rudeness, rough play, or any unsafe behaviors are not tolerated. Students may never leave the Aftercare Room or the immediate outdoor play area without the permission of the Aftercare Director. 

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