Major Degree Staff Request Form

This form will also be used to prepare a major degree flyer to promote your major degree. 
Please indicate your preference for a degree staff.  Check the box in each column for your 1st or 2nd choice.
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Belleville Degree Staff
Bishop Roger Kaffer Degree Staff
Bishop McNicholas Degree Staff
Holy Spirit Degree Staff
John Paul II Degree Staff
Bishop Sheen Degree Staff
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Misc. Information:

BASIC FEES TO HOST COUNCIL:         2nd DEGREE = $40    3rd DEGREE = $5 per Membership Medallion Ordered One Month in Advance from Supreme Supply Dept.          

MILEAGE:      $.28 PER MILE, BOTH WAYS PLUS TOLLS   (Maximum of 3 cars)

 MEALS:  To be provided for 2nd & 3rd Degree Staff members (maximum 8); either before or after exemplification. TRAVEL:  If team travels in excess of 100, 2 meals will be provided.  In lieu of meals staff members will be paid $4.00 for lunch and $5.00 for dinner.  (Only if a meals is not provided by the Council.)