Jr Theatre Festival 2023
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Is student auditioning for the Competition Team to perform in the MATILDA cut at JTF, or participating in the Tech Theatre track at JTF? *
JTF Rehearsals Attendance Requirements *

Tshirts - everyone attending JTF gets a team tshirt

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Every student is required to have a designated chaperone attend JTF with them. Forefront Arts staff will not be responsible for supervising students during JTF and at times our staff will be attending different workshops than the students. Students ages 8-10 must attend JTF with a parent as their chaperone. Students ages 11-18 may attend JTF with a parent chaperone, or they may join a chaperone pod and designate another adult to chaperone their child. *
If attending JTF with your child, do you want to lead a chaperone pod and supervise at least 1 other student? *

JTF fees

JTF fees (please acknowledge the fees for your selections above) ~ will be auto-processed on 10/12 *

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