The IMOCAFV project is an international collaboration aiming to stimulate consensus on the IMplementation Of Primary health Care and Advocacy for Family Violence, in any context and country and integrates specific attention to the situation generated by the COVID pandemic.
We invite you to contribute to this project by answering the attached inquiry about policies, strategies, and practices against family violence in your country.  
Kind regards,
UK National Team: Professor Joyce Kenkre and Drs Roijah Saltus, Sarah Wallace, and Simon Newstead. 
University of South Wales
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A report of an aggregated overview per participating country will be sent to each respondent who provides us with their email. This could allow you to make quick adjustments, when necessary, during the current pandemic.  

We understand and acknowledge that you may be overloaded so have provided a means to create a unique access code that will allow you to save your answers and return to them at a convenient time, if needed. 

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