APhA Academy of Pharmacy Practice and Management (APhA-APPM) Volunteer Application

Applications for volunteers seeking appointment to APhA-APPM’s standing committees in the areas of Awards, Communications, Education and Policy are due annually in mid-December or as set by the Executive Committee. Committee service is a great way to get involved in the Association and meet new colleagues in your field. Benefits of becoming an Academy volunteer include opportunities to: provide input on programs and products offered by the Association, support the profession by addressing emerging issues, learn about new and innovative research and practice initiatives, and promote the role of the pharmacist in enhancing patient care. Members who hold APhA-APPM as their primary Academy are eligible for consideration and appointment. Previous committee experience is not required. Committee volunteers are asked to serve for one year beginning at the conclusion of the APhA Annual Meeting. Service may include participating in periodic committee meetings and developing projects and/or initiatives of the Academy. Meetings may be conducted by conference call, email communications, video, and/or in-person discussions depending on the committee. A general idea of committee timelines is provided below with the description of each committee’s overall goal/purpose.

For elected and non-elected leadership opportunities within the specific Special Interest Groups (SIGs), please refer to http://www.pharmacist.com/apha-appm and select the SIG you would like to learn more about! Feel free to also check out the APhA-APPM SIG Member Volunteer Interest Form: http://fs10.formsite.com/APhA-APPM/form106/index.html

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APhA-APPM Standing Committees

APhA-APPM Standing Committee Responsibilities and Time Commitments (Estimated):

  • Awards: Selects recipients annually for APhA-APPM Awards; packets received by members in October/November with awardee selections done in December/January; majority of work completed virtually (e.g. conference calls, email).
  • Communications: Ensures APhA and APhA-APPM electronic, print, and other communications and information is of value to members; assist in drafting language for communications; rolling deadlines throughout the year; majority of work completed virtually.
  • Education: Reviews, evaluates, and recommends updates to APhA’s educational programming including APhA Annual meeting and self-study programs; serve as abstract review Captains for the APhA Contributed Papers Program; assist with Annual Meeting Poster Judging; conference call in April/May & throughout the year as needed ; majority of work conducted virtually in October/November/December.
  • Policy: Recommends policy issues and/or develops policy items for consideration to the APhA House of Delegates; advises the Academy and Association on policy issues that may arise throughout the year; conference call in April/May and throughout the year, as needed in the development of policy items. Work completed virtually.
APhA-APPM Standing Committees

Please specify why you are interested in being considered for appointment to the Awards, Communications, Education and/or Policy Standing Committee(s) and list any expertise and/or relevant experiences that could be of assistance if you were to be appointed.

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Thank you for your interest in APhA-APPM!
Any questions? Please contact Margaret Tomecki at mtomecki@aphanet.org.
Thank you for your interest in APhA-APPM! Please contact Margaret Tomecki at mtomecki@aphanet.org if you have any questions.