2022 Technical Program Development Survey: Surfactants and Detergents
AOCS is dedicated to building a technical program that meets the needs of our constituents.
Please provide your input on the following topics that have been proposed for the 2022 AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo.
How interested are you in learning about each of the following?:
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sustainable and functional packaging materials
surfactants in food
biosurfactants: will they be scaleable one day and affordable? What is the state of the science on structure/benefit relationship?
surfactants in drug and nutraceutical delivery systems
surfactant mixtures and trace components
next generation ingredients
hygiene: impact on surfactant and detergents, including antimicrobial activity
product preservation: Science of preservation without resorting to traditional preservatives that are under increased scrutiny by NGOs or regulators
surface methods, ellipsometry, QCM-D, and AFM, to understand product performance
performance additives
interactions of surfactants at solid surfaces
supply chain issues
formulating waterless products
surfactants for petroleum applications; refining and spill cleanup
skin care
amino acid surfactants / glycopeptides
surfactants from low/cost waste streams (municipal solid waste, soapstock, algae, extractives from plants, lignin, etc)
surfactants in nanotechnology
regulatory issues
hair care and cleansing
sustainability: biodegradation and ecotoxicity of surfactants or polymers. Dioxaneregulation.
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