2022 Technical Program Development Survey: Edible Applications Technology
AOCS is dedicated to building a technical program that meets the needs of our constituents.
Please provide your input on the following topics that have been proposed for the 2022 AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo.
How interested are you in learning about each of the following?:
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sustainable and functional packaging materials
emerging edible applications of food proteins
novel technologies used to process edible oils and fats
phase transition and interfacial phenomena in complex food systems
texturizing plant proteins
physical and oxidative stability of oleogels and their behavior in the presence of other ingredients and food matrices
methods for protein functional analysis for food applications
implications of lipid structuring and fat crystallization in food applications
innovations in scattering methods including neutron, Xray and light scattering with applications in fats and oils product development
application and uses of CBD oil in various foods, including confections
getting regulatory approval for a new ingredient
manipulating fat for plant-based product development
specialty oils (avocado, almond, etc)
updates and new perspectives on lipid oxidation in frying
fundamentals of fat crystallization
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