2024 Student Registration for the US National Chemistry Olympiad (USNCO)

Thank you for your interest in the 2024 U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad (USNCO).
This form is to:
  • Inform interested students and families of key dates for the 2024 USNCO
  • Collect the consent of participant's parent/guardian to participate in the 2024 USNCO
  • Collect eligibility information for the National Exam (if applicable)
  • Collect eligibility information for the Study Camp (if applicable)
Parents/Guardians - please complete one form per participant
Completion of this form DOES NOT GUARANTEE participation in the USNCO.
Participation is dependent on the participation of your ACS Local Section/International Chemical Sciences Chapter.
Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing USNCO@acs.org

Key Dates

October 2023 - Form opens to all eligible participants
January 2024
Friday, January 26 - Completion of this form by all eligible participants
February 2024
Thursday, February 24 - Confirmation of participation sent to participants from local coordinators
March 2024
Friday, March 1 - First day of Local Section Exam testing
Sunday, March 24 - Final day of Local Section Exam testing
Monday, March 25 - Deadline for Local Sections to submit LSE answer sheets to ACS National
April 2024
Monday, April 1 - Deadline for ACS National to share scores with Local Sections
Friday, April 5 - Deadline for National Exam nominees to ACS National
Saturday, April 13 - First day of National Exam testing window
Sunday, April 21 - Final day of National Exam testing window
Monday, April 29 - Study Camp participants notified
June 2024
Sunday, June 2- First day of Study Camp  
Saturday, June 15 - Last day of Study Camp 
July 2024
Sunday, July 21 - First day of IChO
Wednesday, July 31 - Last day of IChO

Parent/Guardian Information - Please Complete Even for Participants over 18

I understand the privacy practices outlined by ACS (https://www.acs.org/privacy.html) and consent to sharing the requested information with the ACS to enable my student's participation in the USNCO. *

Participant Information - One Form Per Participant

National Exam Eligibility Information

In an attempt to streamline the nomination process, we are collecting National Exam nomination information early this year. If you are not eligible or do not wish to be considered for the National Exam, please indicate so below.

Study Camp Information

The USNCO Study Camp will likely be held from Sunday, June 2 to Saturday, June 15, 2024. This may conflict with end-of-the-year school activities (exams, graduation, etc.). If the participant accepts an invitation to Study Camp, they may not arrive late, leave early, or be excused from any day. No exceptions will be made. 
If the participant is invited to study camp and accepts an invitation, the participant MUST agree to:
  • Be present for the ENTIRE camp. 
  • Refuse invitations to participate in another discipline's training camp for 2024 (i.e. biology, physics).
  • Refuse to participate in any external organized group training, beginning when you accept your nomination until the completion of the IChO. Private, individual tutoring or informal studying with fellow camp participants is acceptable. This ensures compliance with IChO regulations. Individuals who do not comply with the IChO regulations are ineligible to be nominated for the IChO competition.
  • If selected, to accept the invitation to participate as a member Team USA in the 56th International Chemistry Olympiad to be held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from July 21 - 30, 2024.
I agree with the above statements regarding USNCO Study Camp (if selected - participant signature). *

Optional Demographic Information

We are hoping to better understand the demographics of the participants in the USNCO. If you feel comfortable, please share information about your participant here.
This is NOT required.
What is their gender?
What is their ethnic background?
How many years have they taken of these high school subjects?
How many semesters/quarters of college have they taken of these college subjects?
As a result of the participation in the USNCO program, they plan to study more chemistry.
As a result of the participation in the USNCO program, they plan to major in chemistry.
As a result of the participation in the USNCO program, they have a more positive view of chemistry.

Other Comments

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Optional Donation Information

If your budget allows, please consider making a small donation to the USNCO program.
Donations will help us defray the costs associated with the USNCO program.
You can easily donate online, and all donations are eligible for tax deductibility. The minimum donation is 10 USD.
Donations to the ACS are NOT required to participate in the USNCO.
Donations will NOT affect the participation of your student(s).