Proud to be a Chemist: About You

The American Chemical Society (ACS) is actively committed to cultivating a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and respectful community of chemistry professionals. We encourage inclusivity and oppose discrimination in scientific learning and practice based on—but not limited to—race, religion, country or ethnic origin, country of residence, citizenship, language, political opinion, sex, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, age, economic status and educational attainment.

We're proud of all our chemists and we know you're #ProudtobeaChemist too! Please complete the following interview questions which may be used on and social media to highlight you and your work. We are asking for demographic information to ensure the chemists we highlight represent the various dimensions of our diverse community.
Submission does not guarantee you will be highlighed directly. If you are not selected for a weekly highlight in 2022, please share about yourself on social media using the hashtag above.
Please select your pronouns (select all that apply)
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Please select the US or UN diversity holiday or holidays that you celebrate as a member of that community.
Please note, these are examples only and not an exhaustive list. You may add an additional choice via the "other" category. *
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Headshot Upload

Please upload a professional headshot for your profile entry. Format the file name as "ProudToBeAChemist_LastName_FirstName." Please try to submit a high resolution, recent photo where you are the only subject. Selfies and action shots are welcome.
Please follow these guidelines:
  • Minimum photo dimension 1000px or more (both height and width)
  • High-resolution photo (72 dpi minimum)
  • Photo file size should not be less than 200kb
  • Uncropped photo
  • High-quality photo (not blurred, pixelated, or skewed)
  • Headshot photo must be in the middle 
  • Make sure the person is well lit
  • Picture of the person should be shown alone and not in a group
  • File format: Acceptable: Jpeg, Png. Not Acceptable: bitmap, tiff

I hereby grant to the American Chemical Society royalty-free permission, including nonexclusive world rights in all languages, to reproduce in all formats including but not limited to print, microform, electronic, and/or CD-ROM, and include my likeness as shown at, on social media, and in Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN), among other places, for the Proud to be a Chemist campaign. *

Online Profiles

If you would like us to tag you if we highlight you as part of this campaign, please enter your online profile information below. If you would like us to include your employer's online presence as well, please add their information too.
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