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Media Policy

As a student organization, Turning Point Action's focus is on providing an exceptional experience for our attendees, speakers, and invited guests. As such, the following policies have been put in place to ensure that our media partners (you!) are able to obtain great content, while protecting the experience of our attendees.
1. The production of all coverage and any costs and payments related to the production shall be the sole responsibility of the credentialed media company ("hereafter [Company]").
2. Turning Point Action and its contracted vendors reserve the right to have access to footage for archival and promotional purposes, upon request, and to know in what manner the footage will be utilized. 
3. No video or audio recording is allowed of the footage or media shown on the screens during the event.
4. If attendees, speakers, staff, or other talent and/or crew requests that you not film them, please adhere to this request or your media credentials will be revoked and you and your crew will be required to leave the premises.
5. The privilege to receive media credentials and cover the Event does not extend to all venue areas and/or panels and events. A list of approved venue areas, panels, and/or events will be made available the day prior to the event. Turning Point Action reserves the right to grant additional access on a case-by-case and outlet-by-outlet basis.
6. Footage of the Event, speakers, attendees, staff or other talent and/or crew is strictly prohibited from being used for commercial purposes. The use of all footage is reserved for editorial purposes only.
7. In addition to Turning Point Action's media policy, Company shall adhere to the rules and regulations of the venue while onsite.
8. Under no circumstances shall Company enter an attendee's hotel room. This is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate revocation of Company's media credentials.
9. Company shall be liable for all action of their crew members that are onsite for the Event.
10. In the event Company's presence becomes disruptive to the Event, attendees, speakers, staff, or other talent and/or crews, Company may be asked to leave the Event premises. Turning Point Action reserves the right to make these decisions on a case-by-case basis.
11. Company shall adhere to all direction, instructions, and requests from Turning Point Action's Communications & Media Director, or his designee(s), at all times. Turning Point USA shall have the final say on all matters.
12. In order to provide a positive environment for our students, many of whom are underage, any outlets that would like to request interviews with attendees must first contact Turning Point Action. Our media team will provide reporters with a list of attendees that have agreed to be available for interview. 
I acknowledge reviewing the above terms. On behalf of my company, I agree and accept the terms outlined in the above media policy. *
By requesting credentials for this event, you understand and expressly acknowledge that an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. In attending the event, you and any guests voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19, and waive, release, and discharge Turning Point Action; or any of their affiliates, directors, officers, employees, agents, contractors, or volunteers from any and all liability under any theory, whether in negligence or otherwise, for any illness or injury. *
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