Poquoson Seafood Festival Workboat Reunion, Parade and Race Application

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In Consideration of the City of Poquoson, the Poquoson Seafood Festival, Shayer Auto, the sponsors of or contributors to the 2022 Poquoson Seafood Festival and their respective agents, officers, employees, members, and volunteers, (the sponsors") permitting me, my passengers and crew (the "participant") to participate in the Workboat Race (the "event"), I do hereby for myself, my heirs, personal representatives, and assigns, waive, release, indemnify and agree to hold harmless, from and against any and all claims which the participant may assert, including but not limited to, claims for bodily injury, illness, death, property damage, or attorney's fees, resulting from the Participant's taking part in the Event. The participation of myself, my passengers and crew in the event is completely voluntary and I assume all risks to myself, my passengers and crew which may arise from or which are incidental to the Event. Registration is to be limited to 1 boat per captain. The boat for which you are registered as the captain is the boat you are permitted to race. Anyone not complying will be disqualified and removed from participation in the event. ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST READ AND SIGN: I agree to abide by all rules and regulations established for the event in which I am entered. I agree that failure to abide by such rules or demonstrating unsportsmanlike behavior shall be grounds for disqualification and removal from participation in the event, if such is deemed appropriate by sponsors and/or event staff. I certify that my vessel is equipped in accordance with all Coast Guard Regulations for its type. *
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