Stone Crab Jam Vendor Application

Event Date: Saturday, November 5, 2022 Exact Time TBD 


You will be billed upon acceptance and have 7 days to pay your invoice.

Fee Schedule is below. You may request additional spaces above in drop down.

Please read ENTIRE FORM! 

Download your vendor instructions on our website at

Direct questions to our email address

Spots and additonal set up instructions will be sent via email the week prior to the event.

Food : $185.00 per space  plus 10% donation of gross sales, accurate donations are expected.
Tax receipts are available upon request.

Handmade: $100.00 per space

Retail $125 fee per space

Nonprofit – No fee if only giving out info. Contact committee for other requests. Subject to availability


Location:  Citrus Avenue - Crystal River, Fl

Set Up Time: No earlier than 7am on day of event. NO set up on Friday night. Set Up Time: Exact time to be determined. Your exact times will be given to you based on your venue location prior to the event. 

Break Down Time:  Not before 10pm (no early breakdown allowed) $50 fine for leaving event early. Any exhibitor who leaves early without the prior consent of the committee will not be invited to participate in future events.

Vendor Spaces:  Vendors 10’x10’    Food Vendors 10' X 20'   (additional spaces may be purchased) 

Vendor Responsibility:  All Vendors will be responsible for their own tables, chairs, tents, water, extension cords, etc.

Overnight Storage:  Absolutely no overnight storage allowed

Permits, Etc.:  Vendors are responsible for all permits needed (health, business license, food, handling, etc.) Please see the link on our website for additional info.   Any home based food vendor must meet cottage food bill requirements.

Electricity: is available for lights only. No restaurant equipment, freezers, fryers, etc., are to be plugged into these outlets. The available power will be 30amp breaker shared by up to 4 booths…this means you have 7amps per vendor. Please be aware that stringing multiple lights, cords etc will overload the circuit and cause a tripped breaker. If you need more power, you may provide your own (quiet) generator.

Water Accommodations:   Water is available in select locations. You must bring your own hoses to connect…please identify on application if water is needed as water is not available at all locations.


All applications received after Friday October 1, 2022 will be subject to an additional

fee of $25.00 - No exceptions 

Stone Crab Jam Rules and Regulations


  1. Application
  • Copy of a picture I.D. must be attached below
  • Please allow 2 weeks for processing


  1. Alcohol - Absolutely, no alcohol (includes wine, beer, liquors of any kind) is to be brought into the   Stone Crab Jam venue for any reason, including personal consumption.  If vendor violates this rule, deputies will be called, vendor may be asked to close booth down for remainder of event (but remain until event closes to break down), will forfeit application fee and not be asked back for future shows.    Any alcohol brought into the venue violates Kings Bay Rotary’s alcohol/liquor permit and will be dealt with zero tolerance.


  1. Hold Harmless: All vendors hold harmless the City of Crystal River and The Rotary Club of  Kings Bay and it's Charitable Foundation for any damages that may occur during the festival including set-up and breakdown times.


  1. Final Determination: The committee reserves the right to make final reasonable determination of booth assignment or to reject application at any time.


  1. Vendor Cleanliness: All vendors are responsible for keeping their space clean at all times. Absolute courtesy to the public is necessary. No rude or vulgar behavior will be tolerated.


  1. Parking: Parking is limited and each vendor will be allocated one (1) spot per vehicle until full. Any one helping in your both should park in the public parking lot.


  1. Non-food Vendors will not be allowed to sell any food/beverage concession items. If a vendor wishes to sell home based vendor food mixes, items must meet cottage food bill requirements. Please, contact vendor committee with any questions.

Kings Bay Rotary Charitable Foundation, Inc.

P.O. Box 27

Crystal River, FL 34423

Please download a copy of the vendor instructions from our website

Email –


Signed - By electronically signing you agree to all terms above and guarantee you have all licenses required to do business and can provide copies upon request. *