UIC Police
Bike Registration

Please answer all listed questions as accurately as possible. All gathered information will be maintained by UIC Police and will assist in any efforts of identifying your property if stolen. Remember to always secure your bike in well lit and well traveled areas with a hardened steel u-lock NO CABLE LOCKS. Secure your front as well as rear wheels to the frame when securing your bike. These tips may not guarantee that your bike wont be stolen but will make it less attractive to an offender. Enter a series of 9s for any unknown information. Any questions please email Officer Canizales at Canizale@uic.edu


Bike Information

Please provide all info as requested. Incomplete registrations will be submitted yet it is imparative to provide all known information in the event your bike is stolen and recovered. Any unknown information should be replaced with a series of 9s, such as Driver's license 9999.