Merit Badge Counselor Orientation

Participant Registraion information

Merit Badge Counselor Orientation locations:

CSC - Council Service Center, 970 W. Julian St, San Jose, CA 95126

QSRT - Quicksilver Roundtable, 150 Bernal Rd, San Jose, CA 95119

CCRT - Coyote Creek Roundtable, 3060 Patt Ave, San Jose, CA 95133

PolRT - Polaris Roundtable, 10340 Bubb Road, Cupertino, CA 95014

PioRT - Pioneer Roundtable, 925 Cera Dr, San Jose, CA 95129

Please bring the following with you to the training:
1.   Youth Protection training card . Print a copy of your certificate before hand and bring a copy to attach to your application.
2.  Decide on at least one Merit Badge you will counsel.