2016 SEMA China Business Development Program

International Buyer Registration

September 9, 2016




*Registration is complimentary, but space is limited (免费注册,但名额有限)

Thanks for your interest in participating in the SEMA China Business Development Program. We look forward to welcoming you to the seventh annual networking event bringing together leading U.S. brands and buyers from the region. We invite you to complete the brief registration form, and we will be back in touch with you shortly to provide additional details.

感谢您有兴趣参加SEMA 中国商业发展会议活动。我们期待着在第七届年度美国顶级品牌生产商和中国买家的盛会上欢迎您的光临。我们邀请您填写下面的表格注册此次活动。我们会在随后与您联系并给您提供更多的详情。 

Which Events Do you Want to Attend?
Sept 9 Networking event following the opening day of the CAS Show. The reception will be held at the Crowne Plaza Anting. Additional details to follow. 9 月9日 CAS 展会开幕当晚的SEMA交流活动。SEMA招待晚宴将在上海颖奕皇冠假日酒店举行。详情待续。 *
Friday, September 9: Meet one-on-one with executives from leading U.S. brands in the designated SEMA section at the China Auto Salon(CAS), Shanghai. Admittance is limited to trade buyers only. The SEMA Section opens at 11:00 a.m. 星期五,9月9日:和美国领先品牌制造商管理层一对一的洽谈会。举办地点:中国(上海)国际汽车升级及配套产品展览会(CAS)SEMA展区。仅对专业买家开放。SEMA展区11点开始。 *
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Do you manufacture any products (贵公司是否还生产产品)? *
Questions? Contact semachina@sema.org or call the SEMA Beijing-based China Business Development line at (010)58612482
如有问题, 请发邮件semachina@sema.org 或者致电SEMA中国办公室,电话:(010)58612482