ACTRE 2014 Application
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This information is used by Emory University and Morehouse School of Medicine to determine eligibility for the CPDR research scholar program and to track program application trends. Your responses to these questions will be kept confidential.

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This information is requested to avoid funding conflicts that may jeopardize undergraduate research programs at our institutions and yours. Specifically, an individual should not be paid twice for a given period of research experience. This information will only be relevant in the event of an award; participation or lack thereof will not affect the review of your application to the ACTRE program.

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The 2014 ACTRE Summer program will run from May 27 -August 1, 2014

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All Applications and its components will be due by 5pm, March 14, 2014. Late documents submissions will NOT be accepted.  Please forward all paperwork to:
Ms. Felicia Underwood
Deparment of Gyn/Ob
Emory University School of Medicine
1639 Pierce Drive, Suite 4217 WMB
Atlanta, GA 30322