Senior Initiative

The Senior Initiative is a job readiness program in which career coaches and counselors assist graduating students with navigating today’s job market. Through a series of customized workshops and events, seniors will learn how to effectively search and apply for jobs; market themselves to prospective employers; communicate effectively in and out of the workplace and make lasting connections with other professionals. Senior Initiative participants will attend core workshops and participate in several career-building  programs and events throughout the year. After core workshops and programs are completed, students will receive a certificate of completion.
The Senior Initiative program for the Fall 2014 particpants is scheduled to begin on Monday, September 29 - October 9, 2014 at 6:15pm-7:15pm in the Barnard Career Development Library.

Applicant Information

Senior Initiative Registration

The Senior Initiative program occurs during both the fall and spring semesters.  Companies typically follow an industry specific recruiting cycle. Therefore, Career Development will focus the fall Senior Initiative workshops, programs, and activities on the following industries: finance, advertising, marketing, public relations, sales, law, and science. Conversely, the spring semester Senior Initiative industry focus will be: publishing, education, NGOs, nonprofits, think tanks, and the arts.

Fall 2014 Sessions

All workshops will be held at Career Development from 6:15 pm. - 7:15 pm

Section 1

  • Monday, September 29 (Advance Resume & Cover Letter Clinic)
  • Wednesday, October 1  (Interviewing 101)
  • Monday, October 6 (Conducting a Comprehensive Job Search in a Tough Market)
  • Wednesday,October 8 (Marketing Yourself 101)


 Section 2  

  • Tuesday, September 30 (Advance Resume & Cover Letter Clinic)
  • Thursday, October 2 (Interviewing 101)
  • Tuesday, October 7 (Conducting a Comprehensive Job Search in a Tough Market)
  • Thursday,  October 9 (Marketing Yourself 101)


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Career Counselor


Please submit a PDF version of your résumé. 
WARNING:  If you neglect to answer all required questions, an error message will appear and your résumé will be deleted.  You will then need to reload your résumé.


Spring 2015 Senior Initiative

Thank you for your interest in the Spring 2015 Senior Initiative. You will receive an email in January 2015 directing you to register for the program.

Applicant Acknowledgement

I agree to:

1.  Attend all scheduled Senior Initiative events.

2.  Assure that email I use for job searches and employment purposes will be professional.  

3.  Assure that voicemail messages I use for job searches and employment purposes will be professional.

4.  Accept responsibility for staying informed about BCD policies, procedures, programs, resources, and employment opportunities by reading e-mail messages from BCD, NACElink announcements, and notices from BCD.

5.  Adhere to all instructions and deadlines in my dealings with BCD and employers.

6.  Upload my resume and other materials on NACElink and keep them updated and accurate.

7.  Keep appointments, whether for a counseling session with BCD staff or a BCD program requiring an RSVP.  If unusual circumstances prevent my doing so, I will provide a timely explanation to BCD.

8.  Respond in a timely manner to employer requests for additional information – either by providing the information or advising the employer that I am withdrawing from further consideration.

9.  Be prepared for on-campus, job fair, in-office, and call back interviews.

10. Attend all initial and callback interviews obtained through on-campus interviews or job fairs, or resulting from resume forwards, job listings, or my own direct applications.  If I decide to decline an interview or to cancel an interview already scheduled because I have changed my plans, I will provide advance and timely notice to the employer and BCD.  If unavoidable and unforeseen circumstances prevent my attending an interview and providing advance and timely notice, I will promptly notify the employer and BCD. 
* Indicates Response Required