ACARET Reflexology Educator Accreditation
Application for AAEd
Before completing this application, thoroughly read the
 Guidelines For AAEd Educator Accreditation” 
which gives a complete overview of the Accreditation Process.
Reflexology Educator Accreditation (AAEd)
Basic Criteria for Applicants: Before you continue, please insure that you meet the minimum criteria detailed in the AAEd Guidelines of a high school diploma or equivalency; ARCB Certified; practicing reflexology for 3 years, A&P training of 150 hours and can document teaching experience as specified.  

Application Fees:  The total Accreditation Fee is $275 and is submitted in two payments as follows:
1. An Application Processing Fee of $125 must be paid through PayPal upon submitting this application. The application review process begins only after receipt of the application fee.   

2. After receiving notice from ACARET by email that your application has been approved for accreditation, the final Accreditation Fee of $150 is paid through PayPal to complete the accreditation process.
3. After you click SUBMIT at the end of this application, you will be directed to a PayPal to make payment of the Application Processing Fee of $125.    

All fee payments are non-refundable. Allow 5 weeks after payment is received to be notified of the application status. Download the Educator Accreditation Guidelines from the website for more details.  
A. Contact Information/Form of ID
B. Website Listing
C. Education Information
D. Reflexology Practice  
E. Teaching Experience
F. Teaching Methods/Collateral 
G. Reflexology Experience
H. Professional Memberships
I.  Personal History
J. Agreement
If any field in the application is required and does not apply, simply enter N/A.  When you have completed this application and click SUBMIT at the end, you will immediately receive a confirmation and the link to make payment via PayPal as explained above. Or you have the option to make payment from the ACARET website. Remember that the board review process only begins after fees are received.     


B. ACARET WEBSITE LISTING: Accredited Educators are listed on the ACARET website by State with name, address, a free website link and email address as given in Item A above. Check any information below that you DO NOT want listed. You may also list a different address from the one in Item A.

B.1 Please do NOT list the following: 

C. PERSONAL EDUCATION: Reflexology & Non-Reflexology

C.1 NON-REFLEXOLOGY EDUCATION beyond High School Level

C.2 Reflexology Education: Attach transcripts, certificates or diplomas for each class listed.

ATTACH DOCUMENTATION for each class listed by uploading a certificate, transcript or diploma from where you have SAVED the file. Example: scan a certificate, SAVE AS, then upload the file here. BE SURE to choose the file, then UPLOAD it.

C.3 Anatomy & Physiology Training (A&P). Attach documentation for each course. A minimum of 150 hours of A&P can include but is not limited to a combination of: proof of separate A&P hours in a reflexology course; massage therapy course, college course, nursing or vocational school. For an online course, attach a transcript of course content, website, instructor if applicable and a certificate of completion. USE SEPARATE BOX for online courses. All classes must total a minimum of 150 hours of A&P training.

ATTACH DOCUMENTATION for each class listed by uploading a certificate, transcript, etc. from where you have SAVED the file. Example: scan a certificate, SAVE AS, then upload the file here. BE SURE to choose the file, then UPLOAD it.

D. REFLEXOLOGY PRACTICE: ACARET requires 3 years working experience in the field of reflexology, averaging a minimum of 365 client contact hours per year.

E. TEACHING EXPERIENCE: A minimum of 150 hours of adult teaching experience within the past two years can include a combination of: a minimum of 120 hours must be reflexology related classes. Attach at least 3 rosters of reflexology classes you have taught to professionals (vs. non-professionals) in the previous two years that total 120 hours. Also upload for each class a curriculum outline; a maximum of 30 hours of teaching experience may be accepted as an assistant, teaching other modalities, first aid, nursing, etc. Provide documentation as below.


F.2 Check the ALP methods that you use  

F.5 Check the teaching tools/format that you use  

G. Certificates of Attendance: Attach copies of certificates you provide students, whether a Certificate of Attendance and/or a Certification Course Certificate. If these are different, attach both.

H. Professional Memberships

H.1 Organization Affiliations  


J. DECLARATION statement from the Applicant named on this Application

I declare that the answers and information contained herein are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.  I understand that ACARET reserves the right to conduct and complete background checks to verify information voluntarily submitted on the application for teacher accreditation.  I understand and agree to respond to ACARET requests for additional information. I understand that any false information contained within this application may result in rejection, denial or revocation of my teacher accreditation.  I have read and agreed to abide by the Code of Ethics and all policies and procedures outlined in the Educator Accreditation Guidelines and acknowledge that failure to do so shall constitute grounds for rejection of my application or denial or revocation of my accreditation. I understand that the information contained in the application is confidential. I attest that I have read, understand and agree to the information, policies and procedures outlined in the Educator Accreditation Guidelines.


- END -

Thank you - this concludes the application. After reviewing that you have completed all information needed, click SUBMIT. You will receive a confirmation that your application was received as well as a confirmation link to pay your fee via PayPal. Thank You.

If you have questions or need help with this application, email
American Commission for Accreditation of Reflexology Educators and Training 
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